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The line

Cecilia by Cecilia Motwani is a line inspired

in the designer's

fervent believe in art as a way of life and the

perfect balance

between the male and female energies.
The line is a modern slant on couture techniques, 

a quasi-unisex

street-ready rendering of sartorial elegance

with a touch

of avant-garde.

Each collection is inspired in architecture, paintings,


films and mixed art exhibitions and usually a homage to the artist.

Largely influenced by bespoke techniques and menswear details, reveals a different take on a tuxedo every season and a crisp button-down shirt making them iconic and ubiquitous , sort of an interpretation of the ways established and the ever changing bipolarity.

Most of the trimmings are hand-made by the designer herself, with few items being commissioned to be produced by artisans.

Few pieces in each collection are pieces of art themselves and kept as "made-to-order" only.

The line favors natural blends although a number of unconventional materials might come to life as a button, or a letter, or a brooch.

Cecilia by Cecilia Motwani is not just a trend, it is a movement. 

The designer

Cecilia Motwani was born in Argentina, andspent her childhood writing poetry atop her loquat tree, knitting and embroidering during the summer afternoons.

At the age of nine started re-making her own clothes, learned pattern-making at eleven and started to deconstruct outfits to devise new ones.

In 2000 moved to the US, attended FIT and started assisting other designers in technical aspects of the trade. 

In 2004 opened her own atelier designing and producing one-of-a-kind and made-to-measure pieces in the Fashion District in New York City for private clients, which she still does. She finds the overall experience of giving someone one unique special thing the most rewarding and even necessary. 

In 2011 participated as one of the contestants in the TV series Project Runway Season 9 and from which she voluntarily withdrew. She's been quoted in the book “Project Runway: The show that changed fashion”. Right after the TV show aired she created "Love", a collection presented in Denver, CO, at the Denver Museum of Art during the Exhibit Yves Saint Laurent: The Retrospective, a collaborative show with fellow Project Runways alumni Fallene Wells, Rafael Cox, Julie  Tierney, Danielle Everine, Becky Ross  and Jason Troisi.

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